Powerlifting One on One

Powerlifting One on One

$120 / Month

For lifters of all levels who want personalized one on one Powerlifting coaching. Customized training for specific needs based on your individual goals and designed to use with the equipment you have available.

  • 4 work days a week 
  • Updated weekly based on feedback through the app, True Coach
  • Accessories will be changed every 4 weeks
  • Weekly video analysis  
  • Detailed warm-ups
  • Rehab and Prehab movements (if necessary)
  • Meet prep included 
  • All levels welcome


  • To unsubscribe go into your paypal account to do so.
  • Minimum 3 month commitment 
  • Gym requirements are squat, bench, deadlift, dumbbells and cable station. 
  • Communication and video analysis will be through Whats App minimum 1-3 times a week.