Thirty Minute Online Technique Consultation

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Thirty Minute Online Technique Consultation

$30 per session

(Offer good 4/1/20 through 7/1/20)

A consultation to review form for any main lifts, discuss / create plans for better mobility/flexibility and program/rehab evaluation.

  • Fix any compound barbell movement errors
  • Develop warm up/mobility/flexibility system
  • Review / edit current programming to make sure it aligns with the goals at hand
  • Develop injury prehab / rehab protocol


  • Include your phone number during checkout
  • One or two main topics per half hour
  • 30 min consultation does not include entire program build (Ex: Squat, Bench, Deadlift)
  • For more comprehensive programming please review our other options

If you need to reach out to us about our online consultations, please contact us at