2861 Powerlifting

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A template for the upper novice-advanced lifter who wants to push themselves to new levels in an intelligent but challenging way. It provides a solid base for the lifter to build on before the onslaught of weight comes their way.

  • 4 work days a week 
  • 12 weeks
  • 3 cycles 
  • 60-90 min. to complete
  • Program is designed to push through your rep PR’s to create real PR’s. 
  • Every 4th week is variation week. 
  • Program includes specific accessories that directly support SBD. 
  • Initial communication with a coach optional 


  • Gym requirements are squat, bench, deadlift, dumbbells and cable station. 
  • Minimal communication with coaches to assist with questions


Upon paying you’ll receive a link to your program that you will need to copy and paste into your browser.

Hit enter and you will have access to our google sheets and add the following steps.

1.)  Click the File tab

2.) Then click Make a Copy

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4.) Add your 1RM’s to the key tab, hit enter and your numbers will be populated on each page.